Be confident. Just about every one of my couples mentions to me that they’ve never been professionally photographed. Usually they go on to explain how they’re not photogenic, they’re awkward, or something of the like. So I’m using this time to encourage couples to just be confident! The more you let you be you, the […]

Every time the opportunity of working in Boston comes around it makes my heart soar. The buildings, the way the light bounces off the beautiful cream cements, and the endless amounts of alley ways and urban locations is any photographers dream. You can probably imagine my excitement when Kevin & Jennifer hired us for their […]

Paul and Kathryn are one of those couples you dream about as clients. They’re both insanely kind, super fun, and enthusiastic about life. Plus, they were both willing to brave the freezing cold wind and snow flurries for their portraits! Paul and Kathryn actually met when they were freshmen in college at NYU in 2003. Here’s […]

Brian and I have looked forward to this vacation since early last Spring and I still can’t believe it’s come and gone already. We chose Bermuda for a little getaway because I’ve heard great things about it from numerous people, plus, my grandparents have traveled to the little island over a dozen times and my […]

I remember getting my first email from Regina and instantly loving her for sharing my love for exclamation points and smiley faces. I knew right away that Matt and Regina’s wedding day would be one to remember. Boy was I right! Brian and I were warmly welcomed as if we were family and it was […]

When we first arrived at The Chapel of the Holy Family I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The most adorable little chapel perched on top of a hill surrounded by beautiful Vermont landscapes. It was breathtaking. I later found out that Jen’s grandparents actually built the chapel, which was why they were able to […]

August 13, 2016. Without a doubt, I knew it was going to rain and most likely thunderstorm at some point during Brian & Morgan’s wedding day. I went into the day prepared for that. I had even picked out locations to do portraits that were pretty much all sheltered from rain. However, after a torrential […]

Preparing for a March wedding can be tough. You never know what to expect in terms of weather. It could be dumping snow and 10 degrees, raining cats and dogs, or a warmer “here comes Spring” day. I was literally prepared for anything, but amazingly Saturday morning greeted us with bright blue skies and plenty […]

So last year (feels weird to say ‘last year’ already…eek!) I started a little series of shoots called “Ladders”. Basically the idea was to do a bunch of different mini shoots that somehow incorporated ladders in different settings. I’m planning on doing more “Ladders” shoots this year!!! This was a very spontaneous shoot that I did […]

Yesterday I was reminiscing with my mom about graduating college without having a real sense of direction for my photography and how long it took me to find my passion in the field. So I’m going to be sharing bits of my journey with you starting in 2007 when I packed up all my belongings and drove across […]