Walking into Sarah and David’s wedding day I didn’t know quite what to expect since I had only briefly met them once a year earlier. I definitely wasn’t expecting everyone to be so calm, friendly, and organized!! I honestly think this was the the first time the entire timeline went perfectly. Mind blown. Most likely due to the fact that Sarah had printed out a play-by-play itinerary for everyone to follow. It was actually hard to believe it was Sarah’s wedding day by how calm and relaxed she was. At one point I asked if she could help me get her dress down, so she just grabbed it off the hook shoved it into my arms. I was so surprised by how nonchalantly she had bunched it up I started laughing. Most brides are extremely worried about their dress getting wrinkled or dirty, but not Sarah. She simply walked into her wedding day accepting that what would be, would be.

Speaking of what would be, would be… the entire day was completely overcast and by the time the ceremony rolled around, everyone was bundled up in coats and gloves waiting for the bride to make her entrance. But despite the clouds and the chill, everyone wore warm smiles and laughed amongst each other. And as Sarah and her parents walked down the aisle lined with flower filled growlers, nothing mattered to David except his bride. These two were truly made for each. Even their two families naturally cliqued in ways you don’t normally see at a wedding. It was truly an honor to be a part of their big day 🙂

All of the details that went into David and Sarah’s wedding were beautiful. I couldn’t get over the INSANE bridal bouquet or the super unique and fun boutonnieres for the guys. And did I mention their awesome idea of putting the wedding cake on a mirror?? LOVE! From the insanely gorgeous floristry to Sarah’s two childhood stuffed animals propped under a chair during the ceremony, David and Sarah’s wedding was truly special and tailored to their fun, joyful, and sweet love for each other.

Congrats Sarah and David!!! may you two always laugh together and may you always sing into cooking utensil microphones when “Let It Go” comes on 🙂

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Wedding Date: October 24, 2015
Ceremony Time: 4:30
Venue: The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm
Coordinator: Tori Martorina from The Quechee Inn
Florist: Morgan Perrone – Valley Flower Company
Photography: AbiElaine Photography
Cake: Kristen Fenn from King Arthur Flour (Kristen.fenn@kingarthurflour.com)
Guitarist: Dayve Huckett
Dress: Madison James from Madeleine’s Daughter
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo from Flair Bridesmaids
Tuxes: Nordstrom
Placecards & Seating Chart: Lydia Batten
Favors: Fat Toad Farm
Custom Tie & Pocket Squares: Knotty Tie
Invitations: Carey at Lasso’d Moon