So last year (feels weird to say ‘last year’ already…eek!) I started a little series of shoots called “Ladders”. Basically the idea was to do a bunch of different mini shoots that somehow incorporated ladders in different settings. I’m planning on doing more “Ladders” shoots this year!!!

This was a very spontaneous shoot that I did with my friend, Lindsey, while she was visiting from California last summer. I think we spent a total of 20 minutes shooting after I had ripped up some vines for decor and made my husband drag our ladder up into a little tree grove. Win. Sometimes the most fun I have shooting is when it’s spur of the moment like this one was. It forces me to just let go and let my creativity take over instead of having too much time to think about things. I’m definitely guilty of overthinking things, just ask my husband 🙂

Anyway, without any more rambling, here is the seriously stunning Lindsey…

Ladders_Lindsey__0001 Ladders_Lindsey__0002 Ladders_Lindsey__0003 Ladders_Lindsey__0004 Ladders_Lindsey__0005 Ladders_Lindsey__0006 Ladders_Lindsey__0007 Ladders_Lindsey__0008 Ladders_Lindsey__0009 Ladders_Lindsey__0010 Ladders_Lindsey__0011 Ladders_Lindsey__0012 Ladders_Lindsey__0013 Ladders_Lindsey__0014 Ladders_Lindsey__0015