When we first arrived at The Chapel of the Holy Family I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The most adorable little chapel perched on top of a hill surrounded by beautiful Vermont landscapes. It was breathtaking. I later found out that Jen’s grandparents actually built the chapel, which was why they were able to have a blessing inside!! Truly a special location for Chris and Jen to celebrate their union as husband and wife.

Jen and Chris met while attending Yale University in Connecticut. They were both on Yale’s Track & Field Team and soon found that they had a lot in common. Obviously Chris and Jen are super intelligent, but they’re also super adventurous, loyal, and a whole ton of fun! More than one of the speeches given at their reception touched on how perfectly suited they are for each other, which was pretty evident throughout the day.

All the details were tailored towards Chris and Jen’s mutual love for the outdoors and learning. From book and bookmark decorated centerpieces, to custom-made wood rounds etched with the mountain range surrounding their family’s chapel. It was so much fun to witness it all come together to celebrate their wedding day surrounded by family and friends.

Congrats Chris & Jen!!!

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Photography: AbiElaine Photography
Getting Ready Location: Burke Mountain rental house
Ceremony Location: Chapel of the Holy Family
Ceremony Time: 4PM
Coordinator: Jenn Layne
Reception: Pavilion in the Pines
Florist: Peggy Bragg, Aunt of the bride
Cake: Baylow Ouillette from Baylow Cakes
Band: The Ghost of Paul Revere
Hair: Bridget’s Beauty Boutique
Dress: David’s Bridal