I remember getting my first email from Regina and instantly loving her for sharing my love for exclamation points and smiley faces. I knew right away that Matt and Regina’s wedding day would be one to remember. Boy was I right! Brian and I were warmly welcomed as if we were family and it was so special to be able to witness all the love and celebrations as the day unfolded.

Everything about Matt & Regina’s wedding day was STUNNING. From the gorgeous floral arrangements placed all around the house to the small pendant Regina carried on her bouquet throughout the day that held a photo of her grandfather, her best friend. And the details just kept coming throughout the day. When I first walked into their reception tent set up in the back courtyard of The Woodstock Inn I was speechless. It was gorgeous! Even the table linens were spectacular!! Everything was soft and white with touches of gold that sparkled in the candle light. The whole night was so much fun to be a part of and Matt and Regina danced the night away surrounded by all their loved ones.

Matt and Regina are two of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve ever met. Regina’s enthusiasm for life is just as contagious as her beautiful smile and Matt’s kind character makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever. These two are the real deal!! It was obvious to see how treasured they are by all their family and friends, and now, by us too.

Congrats Matt & Regina!!! It was truly an honor to be such a big part of your wedding day and we’re wishing you all the best 🙂

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Photography: AbiElaine Photography
Ceremony: Our Lady of The Snows, Woodstock, VT
Ceremony Time: 2PM
Reception: The Woodstock Inn
Reception Time: 5PM
Florist: Kep Taylor from Summersweet Floral Designs
Coordinator: Alanna from Beauty Queen Events
Band: Lester Lanin Orchestra
Dress: Vera Wang
Shoes: Nina