Brian and I have looked forward to this vacation since early last Spring and I still can’t believe it’s come and gone already. We chose Bermuda for a little getaway because I’ve heard great things about it from numerous people, plus, my grandparents have traveled to the little island over a dozen times and my parents honeymooned there, so there’s obviously something special about it! The fact that it’s only a two hour flight from Boston was just a major bonus.

As we neared the island I seriously couldn’t get over the color of the water. It’s unreal! The bright turquoise water literally looked fake. Our taxi driver from the airport jokingly told us the locals wake up at 5AM every day to dump colored dye into the ocean to get the color. Ha! The sad thing flying in was realizing how much damage Hurricane Nicole had caused. Most of the foliage that’s normally a lush green was a burnt reddish color. Hurricanes bring in all the salt water which dries up and kills the foliage causing it to turn a burnt red. Bermudians just call the effect “burned”. However, even with half the foliage burned, it was still breathtaking.

We survived the maniacal taxi ride from the airport and arrived at our massive hotel, the Fairmont Southampton. It sat on top of a beautiful green hill and overlooked the incredible turquoise ocean. Such a fantastic view.  Our room was awesome! I had splurged a little and gotten a bigger room, and it was worth it.  The best part was our cute balcony that I used every morning to watch the sunrise sweep over the hotel property. Not a bad way to start the day.

These photos are a jumbled up collection of Iphone pics and camera photos. Wasn’t trying to get fancy on our trip, just wanted to have memories for us to look back on 🙂

bermuda__0001bermuda__0059bermuda__0060When you have to share a bed with a sleep monster like Brian, King sized beds on vacation are an absolute must!!  bermuda__0002bermuda__0108bermuda__0015 bermuda__0003

My mom is the sweetest person ever and surprised us with delicious fruity drinks and a fresh fruit and veggie platter to snack on when we arrived. Best mom ever! bermuda__0014

When the sun started going down, we decided to head down to the Fairmont’s private beach to catch the sunset. The water is INSANE! I couldn’t stop staring at the colors and amazing rocks that have been etched and chiseled over the years. Incredible. bermuda__0004 bermuda__0005 bermuda__0006bermuda__0019 bermuda__0007bermuda__0022bermuda__0023

The Fairmont Southampton has an amazing indoor pool and spa area that is open to all guests after 6:30PM, so we went down to check it out after the sun set. Soo beautiful and peaceful…bermuda__0008

Day 2: Ferry ride into Hamilton & Crystal Caves!! bermuda__0009

Fantasy Caves & Crystal Caves:
Fantasy Caves was found by two little boys playing cricket. They lost their ball down a deep hole and decided to try to get it out. Boys will be boys! I guess they kept crawling deeper and deeper until they were in a cave that is now called Fantasy Caves. Talk about finding a hidden treasure!

Fun fact…the caves are at 100% humidity at all times! bermuda__0034bermuda__0035bermuda__0036bermuda__0037bermuda__0038bermuda__0039bermuda__0040bermuda__0027

Day 3: Relaxing beach daybermuda__0011

We ventured over to what is said to be one of the world’s most beautiful beaches: Horseshoe Bay. It really is stunning!! We frequented Horseshoe Bay since it was more relaxing than our busy Fairmont beach. bermuda__0016 bermuda__0017 bermuda__0018

bermuda__0043 bermuda__0044 bermuda__0045 bermuda__0046

Heading back to our hotel after adventuring down all the coves. There’s our hotel!! bermuda__0020bermuda__0021

Day 4: Bus ride to St. George’s!!
To be completely honest, when we went to Hamilton, I was really underwhelmed. I thought it would be completely different, so when I saw this adorable downtown area of St. George’s my heart soared! This was what I thought the cute towns should look like! bermuda__0047bermuda__0056
bermuda__0049 bermuda__0050 bermuda__0051 bermuda__0052 bermuda__0053 bermuda__0054 bermuda__0055
bermuda__0057 bermuda__0058From downtown St. George’s we walked up the road to the Unfinished Church:
bermuda__0061 bermuda__0062 bermuda__0063 bermuda__0064 bermuda__0065 bermuda__0066

From the Unfinished Church, we walked to the incredible Tobacco Bay and quickly scooted over to Fort St. Catherine’s and the beach by the fort as well: bermuda__0067 bermuda__0068 bermuda__0069 bermuda__0070 bermuda__0071 bermuda__0072 bermuda__0073bermuda-285

bermuda__0074 bermuda__0075
bermuda__0077 bermuda__0078 bermuda__0079 bermuda__0080 bermuda__0081 bermuda__0082 bermuda__0083 bermuda__0084

What happens when we try to take selfies…bermuda__0088

That’s a big ol’ Parrot Fish munching on some algae!
bermuda__0089 bermuda__0086 bermuda__0087bermuda__0085

Day 5: We walked down the Railway Trail all the way to Church Bay. It was a bit of a hike, but I was highly entertained by the fun paths, foliage, and flowers. bermuda__0048bermuda__0103

Lizard!!! Oh, and Church Bay 🙂 bermuda__0095

And just some random photos that I didn’t really put in order. All in all it was a great trip. Superrr expensive, but great. It was just so nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle, explore a new place, and spend time with the hubbs 🙂 bermuda__0091bermuda__0093 bermuda__0092

Oh dear…he looks thirsty…bermuda__0097 bermuda__0098 bermuda__0099 bermuda__0100 bermuda__0101 bermuda__0102
bermuda__0104 bermuda__0105bermuda__0107

On our last night we walked to a cute little restaurant down the road called Henry VIII. We had delicious sushi and concluded our trip with smiles and full bellies. bermuda__0106