Every time the opportunity of working in Boston comes around it makes my heart soar. The buildings, the way the light bounces off the beautiful cream cements, and the endless amounts of alley ways and urban locations is any photographers dream. You can probably imagine my excitement when Kevin & Jennifer hired us for their Boston wedding … there may have been a couple Irish heel clicks involved…

Three years ago we photographed Kevin’s brother’s wedding so to have another chance to work with their incredible family felt like a blessing. Plus I knew that any girl marrying into Kevin’s family would be equally as awesome! And I was right. Jen is the sweetest!! And together, you can clearly see why they’re meant to be. Goofy senses of humor, infectious smiles, and exuberance for life makes them two peas in a fun-loving pod. It was impossible not to laugh and have fun with them throughout the day, so it’s easy to say we genuinely enjoyed celebrating their love with their friends and families.

Every detail of Kevin & Jen’s wedding day was gorgeous. The best part being their decision to choose their wedding colors based on the look of The Lenox. Brilliant!! They incorporated details and decor based on what was already there and it made their entire wedding look like a story book unfolding in brilliant blues and soft golds. Jen’s suite matched the theme! Every detail down to Jen’s elegant gold and pearl earrings, Kevin’s handsome blue tux, and the shimmering gold candlelight in the reception brought the story of their beautiful wedding day together.

Congrats Kevin & Jen!!! Your wedding day was gorgeous and a true pleasure to photograph!! Wishing you many years of laughter and love.

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Getting Ready Venue: The Lenox, Back Bay Suite
Makeup Artist: Alexandra Dale from Alexandra Makeup Artistry
Dress: Marry & Tux Bridal in Nashua NH
Groom’s Tux: Blank Label
Florist: Andrea Halliday from Table & Tulip
Ceremony Location: St. Cecilia Parish, Boston, MA
Ceremony Time: 3:00PM
Reception Venue: The Lenox, Dome Room
Coordinator: Taylor Marshall from The Lenox
Cake: Jacqueline Melton from Dessert Works
DJ: DJ Jon Strader
Reception Time: 6:00PM