Be confident.

Just about every one of my couples mentions to me that they’ve never been professionally photographed. Usually they go on to explain how they’re not photogenic, they’re awkward, or something of the like. So I’m using this time to encourage couples to just be confident! The more you let you be you, the better the photos come out. If you can just shake it off, Taylor Swift style, and let go for the short amount of time we’re working closely, the better the outcome will be.

Trust me when I say I understand how weird it feels to be in front of cameras. A lot of people assume that I’m comfortable having my photo taken because I’m a photographer, but actually the opposite is true. As soon as I’m in front of a camera I’m suddenly frozen in good ol’ Awkward Zone. I’ve had to force myself in front of cameras, even if that means making my husband take a few photos, so that I can understand what my clients go through when I photograph them.

The first time I had professional photos taken I suddenly felt like I was standing alone on a huge stage in front of a million people … wearing a diaper. Seriously, I have major stage fright so being in front of cameras makes me feel super frantic and sweaty! And it showed in the photos. It wasn’t necessarily my fault though, I believe that part of my job as a photographer is to help my clients feel comfortable and fall into their normal selves. It’s not easy, and couples have to be willing to open themselves up to me and my big scary camera, but the results are insanely rewarding.

All this being said, I highly encourage couples to just let go and DO YOU in front of my camera. If you’re feeling snuggly, go for it. If you’re feeling giggly, laugh it up! If you’re feeling a little shy, go with it. Tuck yourself into your man/woman and allow yourself to feel that way. If you’re feeling hyper, jump around! It’s all ok! One of my favorite things is helping clients just have fun with photo sessions because I know the more they can laugh it out and have fun, the more comfortable they’ll feel when I want to pull out some romance. Yeeeaaa baby! (Yes, I said that like Austin Powers in my head). But seriously, be confident in who are you! As a woman, as a man, as a couple – be confident. It will show in the photos! And when I say “be confident”, that doesn’t mean you need to be loud and make out in a field…unless you want to do that. I just mean that however you feel the best with each other, do it. Don’t hold back!!! Dance, laugh, hug, kiss, wrestle, snuggle, smile a little, smile huge, don’t smile, look at each other, don’t look at each other, walk, or just be still. Whatever you’re confident in conveying, do it. I’ll take the reigns from there and do my best to direct you and help you fall into a comfortable space.

Besides, getting photos taken can be super fun!! Even this awkward and non-photogenic girl thinks so 🙂

©Jennifer Mckenna Photography