November 10, 2016

Bermuda Vacation


Brian and I have looked forward to this vacation since early last Spring and I still can’t believe it’s come and gone already. We chose Bermuda for a little getaway because I’ve heard great things about it from numerous people, plus, my grandparents have traveled to the little island over a dozen times and my […]

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Desperately Seeking the Path to Purpose

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Yesterday I was reminiscing with my mom about graduating college without having a real sense of direction for my photography and how long it took me to find my passion in the field. So I’m going to be sharing bits of my journey with you starting in 2007 when I packed up all my belongings and drove across […]

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Ah Yes…Planning A Wedding…

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Every wedding photographer knows that when that big day rolls around…you’re guna get a little nervous. Even the very best of us have admitted so. I think a lot of us thrive on that feeling. That nervous excitement that never really settles until you’re finally sitting in front of a vendor meal. Despite any stressful […]

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