April 19, 2017

Note to Self

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Be confident. Just about every one of my couples mentions to me that they’ve never been professionally photographed. Usually they go on to explain how they’re not photogenic, they’re awkward, or something of the like. So I’m using this time to encourage couples to just be confident! The more you let you be you, the […]

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Tips + Advice: For the Bride and Groom

tips + advice

I’m going to be starting two new series under Tips + Advice!! Woohoo!!! The first will be geared toward any couple prepping for their big day and the second will be geared towards my fellow photogs. Some of the best advice I’ve gotten for my business or my photography has come from other photographers, so […]

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First Looks

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Oh tradition … without you, so many things would just be … out of place. Just try to imagine life without white on your wedding day, or green on St Patrick’s, or even champagne on New Year’s. It all just seems slightly bland, doesn’t it? Tradition is a beautiful thing, but no matter how desperately […]

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Yep … I Panicked …

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Even the world’s greatest wedding photographers have fantastic stories of things gone wrong on a wedding day. In fact, I would say that surviving these catastrophes or almost catastrophes is one of the greatest ways to learn “what not to do”. Soooooo, I’m here to share a few stories from my first wedding. Let me […]

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